Easy screenshot of many sites.

How to take screenshots from many URLs with one click?

Use extension to Firefox: Grab Them All is a Firefox extension based on Screengrab. Difference between Grab Them All and Screengrab is that Grab Them All takes screenshot of all specifed URLs with one click.

Sites to shot have to be provided in *.txt file with URL addresses starting from http:// or https:// prefix. URLs are separated by new line.

Screenshots are saved in *.jpg or *.png files in specifed directory. File names have syntax: Base64.encode(site_url).jpg or Base64.encode(site_url).png

Grab Them All opens new window load there each site URL and take screenshot.

Installation and using GrabThemAll:
Screencast show information how to use GrabThemAll:

ogv Download this screencast (high qulity, 6MB, OGV)

Screenshot Server
For people who need powerfull screenshot server there is modified server version of GrabThemAll.
GrabThemAll Server is an application that allows users to:

  • Create screenshot on server machine
  • Supports Windows and Linux platforms
  • Has Open Source licence
  • Can take screenshot from URL list file and screenshot of single page
  • Is fully customizable
  • And much more…

Go to GrabThemAll Server page

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Rafał Żelazko

Freelancer. Experienced J2EE, PHP, JS Developer. Advanced Linux user. WebPerfekt.pl owner.

46 thoughts on “Easy screenshot of many sites.”

  1. Love the plugin.

    Could you make it so you can set a minimum timeout in the options (so you can ensure there’s enough time to load all the ajax requests etc.)?


  2. Hey rzelazko, I love your add-on. xD.
    I use GTA to grab images that I need for my work, but, I have a problem: the website where the images are uses JS to scale them. Uhm, I got your source code, but I’m a novice on XUL & JS, could you help me?

    My idea is generate an automatic click before the screenshoot to open the image in real size and then do screenshoot. Could you tell me in wich file .js add the Automaticclick(); before the screenshoot??

    Thank you!

  3. Love this add-on. It has made some of the work I have to do so much easier. Everything works great but sometimes it captures just a small 1k image from the site which i think is caused when I minimize the capture window. Thank you!!

  4. hi, can you please add an option to manulay set COMPRESSION RATIO? you static ratio is TOO SMALL menaing created images are too blury for me (ratio around 70% would be enough)…can you?

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! AFIAK your extension is the only tool that will grab screens from a list of URLs. Keep up the great work and thank you again. :)

  6. Good job!

    I suggest it must to to support more report file format, such as .txt (columns separate by tab), so it will more easier to analyze.

  7. Many of the pages that I attempt to use this plugin to capture with a screenshot are captured with the background entirely BLACK making the screenshot unusable.

  8. I have also started to get black background screenshots. Thankfully it is just the page background so I am still able to make out the rest of the image. Any thoughts why this may be happening now? Recent FF update break something?

    Thanks again.

  9. I use it with FF 3.5.7 and it works like a charm. A title-site_url.file_format name syntax would be great. Thank you!

  10. There seems to be an issue with installation of your wonderful grab-them-all firefox extension. I am not able to install it, tried different versions of firefox (3.6.3. or 3.5.7), extension does not work.

  11. I’ve checked GrabThemAll on FF 3.5.9 under Debian and it works fine, write me an email with detailed information what exactly doesn’t work for you.

  12. Hi, nice add on!

    The only thing that would be awesome is the ability to select a background (e.g in such a format: background=#FFFFFF) for all screen shots.


  13. Helllo,
    nice plugin! Is there a way, how to tell it to grab screen from currently opened tabs? If not, would it be hard to add this feature?

    Good job!

  14. Terrific Plugin. The only one that does the job. I am having the black background issue too. Maybe we all could make small donations (I would love to donate) and help you find time for this excellent plugin. This is a perfect plugin, one of its kind. Thanks a lot.

  15. Hi Rafal,

    Many thanks for Grab Them All
    I can’t find the settings tho.
    Tools does not have an EXTENSIONS section.
    I’ve tried searching for the file (as indicated in the manual) but can’t find that either.
    Your advice as to how to get to preferences would be much appreciated since the images are all over the place size-wise.

    MANY thanks

  16. Hello,

    Thanks for great work.

    Would it be possible to have a screenshot spider. I.e. you enter a web site (www.testscreenshotspider.com) and it will follow all links on this page, and into as many levels as you specify.

    Such a function would save me a lot of time! :-)


  17. Hi,

    I am just figuring out that there may be problems occur when coming to URLs with more then 255 chars, because most (if not all) OS have a filename-length-limitation at 255 characters.
    I workarounded that by modifying the function saveScreenToFile:

    filePath += fileBaseName;
    if (filePath.length >= 250) {
    filePath = filePath.substr(0,123) + ‘…’ + filePath.substr((filePath.length-124),123);

    Maybe you could implement something like that in further versions. Otherwise, screenshots with that overlong filenames won’t be saved.

    Best regards

  18. Hi,

    the tool is very nice – what I miss is the opportunity to make screenshots of local files (i.e., starting with file://).



  19. This tool is EXACTLY what I am looking for except the URLs I’m trying to grab are all well over the 255 filename character limit.

    Any chance of an updated version of the tool to account for this issue?

  20. Thank you, I appreciate the response! I’ve entered the issue into the Google Code system.

  21. Hi, thanks for this powerful tool.

    I’m wondering if tabbed content can be opened up and captured via some script (as if we had clicked on the tab to reveal the hidden tab)?

  22. Eureka! To capture tabbed content, just disable javascript in Firefox and all tabbed content will reveal themselves in the captures on one page!

  23. Hey Rafal!
    Great tool!
    I guess adding an option to print into pdf instead of into pixel graphix is not so easily solved…
    That’s why I tried to OCR-scan the PNGs which works almost fine. If I there was a possibilty to raise the zoom level before capturing the letters would become larger and could be absolutely fine OCR-scanned.
    Furthermore I would find it interesting to be able to save the adress field as well in order to save the URL itself in the same screenshot.
    All the best! Sebastian

  24. This is an awesome plugin. Thanks a lot for developing it!

    Just a quick question, I couldn’t get rid of the pop -ups when doing the screenshots. (banned the pop up windows in FF already) But I just need the screenshots of the main windows. Any leads or suggestions? Thank you!

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