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SVNManager is a webbased tool to administer a Subversion repository with Web based frontend. Using it you can: create, remove, load and dump repositories, manage user accounts, etc. This howto describe installation process of SVNManager od Debian, should also work on Ubuntu.

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Hacked By GeNErAL


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3 thoughts on “Hacked By GeNErAL”

  1. There’s some problem in my database, so I need to issue GRANT command in mysql with host definition:
    GRANT select, insert, update, delete, create, drop, alter on svnmanager.*
    to ‘svnmanager’@’localhost’ identified by ‘**password**’;

    Thanks for your tutorial

  2. Hi All,

    * I have configured Apache2.2.17 + subversion 1.6.15 + PHP5.3.6 + the pear package which comes with the PHP distribution.. Both Apache and PHP are working fine , when i run phpinfo.php file through localhost it is getting executed.

    * when i try this command :
    pear install -f -o VersionControl_SVN , it is giving me error like:
    No releases available for package “pear.php.net/VersionControl_SVN”
    install failed

    Please someone help in this..
    i wanted to configure SVNManager further please help me in this.


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