Debian multimedia convert

This post describes how to convert multimedia files in Debian. You will find there description of installation process of necessary software (via sources.list file). We will sign added repository. To convert software we will use mencoder, ffmpeg and ffmpeg2theora tools. Described conversion between ogv, avi, flv and mpg file.

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1 thought on “Debian multimedia convert”

  1. The best tool to convert other video formats to Ogg/Theora is “ffmpeg2theora”.

    What you should never do is use the “-acodec vorbis” option of ffmpeg. Instead use “-acodec libvorbis”. This small change is very important. The former uses the the internal FFMPEG encoder, the latter uses the libVorbis library.

    The internal ffmpeg vorbis encoder is about the simplest possible encoder that produces working output. It sounds terrible compared to the reference encoder. On a typical musical input the ffmpeg encoder set to 128k produces quality which is obviously worse than libvorbis at 32kbit/sec.

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