Convert MS VirtualPC machine to VirtualBox

Microsoft released virtual machines with Internet Explorer images (IE6, IE7, IE8). These machines are very useful for webmasters and webdevelopers to test their sites / application on Microsoft “browser” (actually IE is not a browser but poor quality HTML interpreter).

There is only one “but” this machines works only on Windows with Microsoft VirtualPC. Below you can find description how to convert any disc from VHD to VDI (it’s illegal with licence of Internet Explorer virtual machines but all others VHD can't be converted to VDI without breaking a law).

Installation native Internet Explorer 8 under Debian GNU Linux (should work also with Ubuntu)

First step is installing and configuring VirtualBox-OSE on Debian. Next step is download VHD images (our example VHD is from Microsoft). Last step is convertion VHD2VDI.

Installation necessary software under Debian / Ubuntu:

aptitude install qemu virtualbox-ose virtualbox-ose-source wine

Then we must add kernel support:

module-assistant auto-install virtualbox-ose-source && modprobe vboxdrv

Downloading and converting Internet Explorer Virtual PC:

wine IE8-XPSP3.exe
qemu-img convert -O raw XP_SP3_with_IE8_2008-Dec.vhd XP_SP3_IE8.bin
vboxmanage convertdd XP_SP3_IE8.bin XP_SP3_with_IE8.vdi

We have almost working Internet Explorer VirtualBox machine. Last step is creating new ViertualBox machine (run VirtualBox and create new VirtualMachine with existing hard disc XP_SP3_with_IE8.vdi).

VirtualBox Internet Explorer – first run

Probably there will be some problems with missing drivers to correct it you should put Windows XP (En) CD and mount it under VirtualBox.

Thats all we have Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (converted from VirtualPC) under VirtualBox.