Hamachi for Debian / Ubuntu

Hamachi is very easy, closed source hosted VPN service. It securely connects devices and networks, extending LAN-like network. It is absolutely free for non-commercial use. I have created deb package for easy install this interesting VPN clinet.

To install hamachi on debian or ubuntu follow steps:

sudo su
aptitude install build-essential
wget -c http://rafal.zelazko.info/wp-content/uploads/old/hamachi_0.
dpkg -i hamachi_0.
rm hamachi_0.

Whats next?
If you have hamachi installed you can:

  • Join to network
    sudo hamachi -c /etc/hamachi join your-network your-password
  • Create your own network
    sudo hamachi -c /etc/hamachi create your-network your-password
  • Log in to hamachi
    sudo hamachi -c /etc/hamachi login
  • Go online
    sudo hamachi -c /etc/hamachi go-online your-network
  • List users in your networks:
    sudo invoke-rc.d hamachi status

    (you can enter this command twice to view nicknames)